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FAQ Soundbite #2: Revising for an Editor

Q: My editor made some suggestions that I don’t agree with. But my book is under contract, and I feel like I have to do what she says. She feels really strongly. A: Are we talking about small-scale line edits?… Read the rest

FAQ Soundbite #1: Contracts

Q: I recently sold my book to COOL PUBLISHING HOUSE! I have accepted their offer based on a deal memo, but haven’t seen a contract yet. The book is practically ready for copy editing….Still, no contract. It’s been months, and… Read the rest

FAQ Soundbites

Well, blogging has not proven to be the best medium for me. I post so rarely. I think I try to make my posts too long and they become intimidating…like writing an article! So I’m going to try a new… Read the rest

Tough Love for Writers

Rachel Thompson’s recent article on the Huffington Post blog, while unpleasantly titled and designed to smack her fellow authors around a bit, offers a pretty comprehensive and useful list of self-promotional things authors can and should try. Feel like you’ve… Read the rest

While I Have You…. (Crafting Your Elevator Pitch)

I once met Toni Morrison in an elevator. This happened during ALA in Washington, DC, in 2010. It was late in the evening. I was exhausted. She was probably exhausted. We were staying in the same hotel, apparently, and we… Read the rest

Launch Your Book In Style

  The Rock and the River launch party, January 2009 I’ve attended a lot of book launch parties in my day. It’s pretty exciting when anyone you know has a new book out, but nothing tops celebrating your own debut.… Read the rest

Five Levels of Self-Promotion

I love self-promotion. Cheesy though it may be, nothing makes me happier than handing someone a copy of a freshly-minted postcard emblazoned with my book cover. Unfortunately, what should be a sweet moment of pride for me is often discolored… Read the rest

Brilliant Advice, Untaken

I have to admit that one of my struggles as a new author was parsing the various and abundant recommendations, comments, suggestions and plans that other authors shared with me. Suggestions came from people within the industry (agents, editors) too,… Read the rest

The Author’s Life Cycle

For a conference last year I developed a presentation about my experience as a debut author. I call it “My Journey with The Rock and the River,” and it’s all about the phenomenon I’ve dubbed The Author’s Life Cycle. The… Read the rest