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The BIG 3-0!

I just posted this on Chicks Rock!, but want folks to see it here, too: Well, as of this weekend I’ve officially crossed the threshold from 20s into 30s! I always planned to throw a big party for myself on… Read the rest

ALA Adventures and Free Book Giveaway!!!

Hello, friends. I’m having a magically fun adventure at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago this week. I’ve strolled the conference floor for hours, picking up books an information and talking to people. I’ve met tons of cool… Read the rest

Studio 4 (aka Video of ME!)

So…a few weeks ago, I went into my publisher’s headquarters (Simon & Schuster) and did a short video interview for the S&S website. I sat in a little room with a videocamera in my face and a microphone clipped on… Read the rest

A DIfferent Speaking Gig

So, I’ve gotten into the mode of speaking to groups of kids and teens about The Rock and the River, and that is totally fun. But every once in a while, I get the chance to talk to grown-ups, as… Read the rest