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FAQ Soundbite #2: Revising for an Editor

Q: My editor made some suggestions that I don’t agree with. But my book is under contract, and I feel like I have to do what she says. She feels really strongly. A: Are we talking about small-scale line edits?… Read the rest

FAQ Soundbite #1: Contracts

Q: I recently sold my book to COOL PUBLISHING HOUSE! I have accepted their offer based on a deal memo, but haven’t seen a contract yet. The book is practically ready for copy editing….Still, no contract. It’s been months, and… Read the rest

So, I Guess I’m a Slacker…

Today the New York Times published an article entitled “Writer’s Cramp: In the E-Reader Era, a Book a Year Is Slacking.” I read this article with interest. As an author who writes fairly quickly, I’m always looking for new ways… Read the rest