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Congrats to the National Book Award Finalists!

It was a pleasure to serve as a judge for the 2017 National Book Awards, along with Suzanna Hermans, Brendan Kiely, Meg Medina, and Alex Sanchez. We read hundreds of books to arrive at our long list and finalists. The… Read the rest

New Book!

Robyn Hoodlum Adventures Book #3 is out today!  When twelve-year-old Robyn Loxley set out to save her parents, she never could’ve predicted that she would become Robyn Hoodlum, leader of the rebellion against the harsh government led by Ignomus Crown.… Read the rest

FAQ Soundbite #3: Agents

Q: I have been querying agents, but I also just received an offer from COOL PUBLISHING HOUSE, from an editor I met at a conference. I want to get an agent before I agree to the deal. What should I… Read the rest

Marco Polo, “On Giving Feedback”

Here is a really great article on giving critiques, from Burlington Writers Workshop. “On Giving Feedback” by Peter Biello: CLICK HERE. I find one of the things I spend the most time talking with fellow writers about is the balance… Read the rest

37 Things I Love…#31: Making Videos

My new novel, 37 THINGS I LOVE, is due out from Henry Holt/Macmillan on May 22, 2012. In honor of this exciting development, here is a video of me talking about the book: I cut this video out of extra… Read the rest

Five Levels of Self-Promotion

I love self-promotion. Cheesy though it may be, nothing makes me happier than handing someone a copy of a freshly-minted postcard emblazoned with my book cover. Unfortunately, what should be a sweet moment of pride for me is often discolored… Read the rest