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FAQ Soundbite #3: Agents

Q: I have been querying agents, but I also just received an offer from COOL PUBLISHING HOUSE, from an editor I met at a conference. I want to get an agent before I agree to the deal. What should I… Read the rest

Marco Polo, “On Giving Feedback”

Here is a really great article on giving critiques, from Burlington Writers Workshop. “On Giving Feedback” by Peter Biello: CLICK HERE. I find one of the things I spend the most time talking with fellow writers about is the balance… Read the rest

37 Things I Love…#31: Making Videos

My new novel, 37 THINGS I LOVE, is due out from Henry Holt/Macmillan on May 22, 2012. In honor of this exciting development, here is a video of me talking about the book: I cut this video out of extra… Read the rest

Five Levels of Self-Promotion

I love self-promotion. Cheesy though it may be, nothing makes me happier than handing someone a copy of a freshly-minted postcard emblazoned with my book cover. Unfortunately, what should be a sweet moment of pride for me is often discolored… Read the rest